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Only on Plyga you experience the best skill games. Test your skills with the most challenging free online games which you could find on the internet. For example, play Aquador! Fubby needs your help. Help the fish by collecting as many starfish as you can. That is not a simple task because you have to avoid the other fishes and fishing nets. How agile are you? Can you keep the right balance to get across the river? Do you have the ability to estimate perfectly what move brings you further to the next level? The skill games of Plyga are made to test you to the limit.

Test your dexterity skills with these games

Plyga has obviously chosen these games to challenge you. It is not just a matter of leaning backwards. You will really have to sit on the edge of your seat and your reactions must be optimal in order to complete the agility games of Plyga. You will be rewarded for your hard work though! If you score very well with one of our free online games, you might be standing in the top 5 best performing users! There you can brag how good you are at the game. But beware, there are plenty of people who want to kick you off your throne.