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Power Jumper
Shuriken Block
Shoot Them All

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Ship The Sheep
Scary Pinball
Run Pig Run
Royal Knight

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Road Safety
Retry Again
Red Riding Hood Run
Rebel Thumb
Did you just come home from school or work and do you feel like playing fun action games? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the online free action games of Plyga we test you on your talent, agility and responsiveness. There will not be a single dull moment! At Plyga we have all sorts of online games that take you into an action packed movie. You will feel like a Tom Cruise action in this virtual world. Step quickly into one of the many online worlds and we promise you an action-packed day.

Only the most fun and exciting action games

For example, try the exciting Aqua Thief. In this action game you have to collect coins. Sounds easy right? Well it surely isn’t! This game tests your endurance, timing and strategic ability to make the right choices. How exciting! This game is for both young and old accessible. Who in your family gets the highest score? Try it now on Plyga.